Our Commitment

Since we started operating, the Drunken Monkey has catered to a range of customers and clients. Cooperate parties of large multinational business located here in the Czech Republic and those located abroad; groups of friends looking for a weekend getaway; the solo traveler here for business or leisure, looking to make new friends in a warm and accepting environment; we have hosted a wide range of visitors in Prague since 2009.

We strongly believe that over the years the hundreds of thousands of customers we have had the pleasure of hosting would agree that we provide a safe, and fun experience while helping them follow city rules and regulations. Our guides prevent our customers from aimlessly roaming the streets in an otherwise unruly and disorderly manner all while maintaining a fun and positive atmosphere.

Drunken Monkey takes pride in keeping harmony with the local community by listening to and working with our neighbors, local hostels & hotels, bars, clubs and other privately owned business in the area to support each other and prosper.

Save Money, Time & Don't Get Ripped-Off

Prague has drastically improved in the past few years, however there are still businesses that take advantage of tourists and we hate that. Because it’s bad for the city’s reputation and that is bad for us. So we put together a list of suggestions below, check them out and let us know if you’ve got anything you want to add

Any place that sells things like: “Prague drinking team” shirts, Communist shit, or says it’s “Real Bohemian Glass” is mass-produced garbage. Grab something with some real meaning!! We’ve got a list below for ya:

    • The museum is dedicated to Alphonse Mucha, and the little shop has great unique souvenirs 
  • Museum Shop Dům u Černé Matky Boží Ovocný trh 19, 110 00 Staré Město
    • In one of the only “cubist” style buildings in the world, tons of unique gifts can be purchased here all in cubist art theme 
  • Univerzita Karlova – University book store Celetná 18, 110 00 Staré Město
    • Cool postcards, original shirts, guide books, and more can all be found here

A 0.3L water in shouldn’t cost more than 15-25kc. If you are in a place where water is more expensive than that, everything else is a rip-off too.

Avoid these places like the Plague, because one of the main reasons locals have left the center of Prague is due to the lack of choices in grocery stores that are only sustained by ignorant tourists getting ripped off.

“Zabka, Billa, Albert, Tesco” Throw those in google maps if you need supplies. They are all located around the center of Prague 1.

People and business that are rude generally don’t need to worry about repeat customers to stay profitable. Meaning they make enough money off of one-time-only customer transactions and that means you’re probably getting ripped off.

Check reviews and check prices, and avoid anywhere that pressures you to buy before you can think about your choices. Avoid anything sold on Old Town Square, especially from the “old-timey” stalls.

An average meal in the center should cost about 180-220kc for an entre, 30-50kc for a beer. Any entre over 350kc should be at a upscale restaurant, so if you’re getting a schnitzel (rizek) or a plate of pasta for that much you’re getting ripped off.

Check out our list of suggested spots to eat here:

Places To See, Things To Do

Don’t litter, don’t urinate in the streets, be polite when in neighborhoods, people live and raise families here.

Did We Miss Something? Can We Improve?

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