The Drunken Monkey Company

The Drunken Monkey is the premier experience tour company in Prague since 2009. We are the favorite gathering place young tourists can experience and enjoy all that Prague’s social scene has to offer without worry. 

Our customers want the affordable tours, with a fun authentic feel.

Monkeys come in all shapes and sizes, including backpackers, study-abroaders, solo-travelers looking to meet people, the off-season gurus, cooperate parties or the big and small groups just looking to let loose and have fun.

The Drunken Monkey Bar


17:00 - 00:00


12:00 - 00:00*

*During the summer months the bar is only available for Pub Crawl customers from 20:00-23:00

The pub crawl runs every night but we are also open for regular business before and after. We have 5 beer pong tables, Giant-Jenga, Flip cup games, and Foosball.  Also we have sports on 5 flat screens and a 130 inch HD projector. We can play any live sports from:
  • NFL
  • NCAA
  • NBA
  • MLB
  • FIFA World Cup, EURO Cup, Bundesliga and other Soccer leagues
  • PGA
  • Ruby
  • and just about anything else

Accommodations for special events for sports showings (all you can drink during the span of the game, etc.) is no problem, just drop us a line at